Ryan Lochte Interview: Olympic Swimmer Conversation Fails (VIDEO)

Ryan Lochte is a swimming legend. He's won five Olympic medals this week -- not to mention that he squared off against Phelps in the U.S. swim team's version of "Call Me Maybe" -- women everywhere swoon at the sight of his abs, and his life outside the pool has caused a whirlwind of gossip. Let's cut to the chase: Lochte is awesome.

But unfortunately, Lochte's talents only extend so far. If talking to reporters was an Olympic sport, Lochte wouldn't be taking home any gold medals. Buzzfeed Shift compiled a two-minute clip of Lochte's least coherent quotes, including linguistic gems such as:

"What I was always good at was letting things go through one ear and out the other, so to say it."

"What defines me? … Ryan Lochte."

"What's seven times four?" "21?"

Interviews aside, how does Lochte stack up against some other favorite Ryans? HuffPost Women investigates how Lochte measures up against "Hey Girl" guy Ryan Gosling, while teens all over the Internet have made Olympic gymnast Jordyn Wieber's brother, Ryan Wieber, a viral sensation.

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