Ryan Lochte

The Olympic swimmer had posted an image on social media showing himself receiving an infusion in May.
The Olympian and his fiancée have welcomed a baby boy.
With just one party or the other, the advertising campaign would struggle to be as effective as when the two are combined
Welcome to the post-truth era.
It’s a beautiful day in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, and I’m hoping that my ultra-busy interviewee hasn’t
Lochte's attempt to lie his way out of a drunken episode of vandalism at the Rio Olympics last month by inventing a totally
The testing of athletes for drugs to gain a competitive edge is relatively new to professional and Olympic athletes. The granting of a special therapeutic-use exemption to competitive athletes is an even more recent phenomenon.
This racial opportunist is actually within striking distance of the presidency.
When Americans see character and values in action, we like what we see. And when we see transgressions such as those committed by Lochte and friends and corporate leaders like Wells Fargo, we shudder and shake our heads. We know it's wrong, but the behavior continues. Why?
Two protesters rushed the stage after Lochte's performance on Monday.