Sarah Palin -- What a Schmuck

Sarah Palin has announced her abdication of the Governorship of Alaska. If I were a citizen of Alaska, and especially if I had voted for her, I'd be pissed off.

Who cares if she feels she has checked off her personal laundry list of things to do? There remains a long list of responsibilities still yet to be fulfilled as Governor. You don't quit just because you want to pursue a new ambition. The job is bigger and more important than your own personal agenda.

She opened the speech today by saying she was so happy to have the chance to speak directly to the people of Alaska whom she is so honored to serve. Well, "service" is bigger than the person in the big chair. It's an honor that comes with a mission bestowed on the person elected and you just don't drop it to pursue other goals.

Mike Huckabee didn't do that. Mitt Romney didn't do that. They kept their eyes on the ball for Arkansas and Massachusetts while keeping their eyes on the prize of the 2008 GOP nomination.

So fellow citizens and especially conservatives who are enamored with this flighty fowl from above the 48th parallel: Don't be fooled. Sarah Palin so loves America that she was a 7-year member of a secessionist organization and she so loved Alaska that she ditched the job in favor of a book tour and an early bid for the Republican nomination in 2012.