Scary Stupid Senators' Stunts

Republicans seem to act first, and think second; or not at all. They fail to look at the consequences of their actions. The most recent example of this behavior occurred when Sen. Tom Cotton, and his 60 days of experience, penned a letter that was signed by 47 senators and sent to our adversarial foreign leader. Unfortunately, in addition to that debacle, there have been many other times Republicans have demonstrated lack of thought, foresight and loyalty to our country...when they shut down the government, started a war in the Middle East, cut taxes causing a huge deficit, rejected healthcare to millions, refused to raise the minimum wage, to name a few.

Scary, stupid stunts are one thing, but undermining our democratically elected president during sensitive negotiations with Iran leaders is dangerous. Did these 47 Republican senators know that the deal involved several other countries -- world powers and allies of the U.S. including China, Russia, France, UK, and Germany?

Did the 47 Republican senators who signed the letter, many of whom have now said they regret signing it, even think about what they were doing?

John McCain, when faced with unforeseen criticism, said the senators should have discussed it more instead of hurrying to get out of town before the snow storm. Does this sound like a leader?

Rand Paul told Matt Lauer on the "Today" show, he did it to strengthen Obama's hand. Do we need to explain the difference between strengthen and weaken to him?

It should be noted that seven GOP senators refused to sign the letter: Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Jeff Flake (Ariz.), Daniel Coats (Ind.), Susan Collins (Maine), Thad Cochran (Miss.), Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), and Bob Corker (Tenn.).

It is sad. Republicans had such a great opportunity to show leadership when they took over both Houses of Congress but, instead they are proving that they can't...not Mitch McConnell, not John Boehner, and not 47 Republican senators.

After taking over the leadership of the Senate, Mitch McConnell focused on his new power and control. He said now that he controlled the Senate, "America will see how the Republicans can govern". Unfortunately the examples below prove otherwise...

When the bill came to the floor to combat trafficking of girls and women, Republicans could have passed a clean bipartisan bill. Instead they added controversial abortion provisions that have delayed its passage.

John Boehner, rather than leading, invited Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak before Congress against the President's Iran deal. How can "leaders" like Boehner preach democracy while, clearly ignoring our Democratic policies and practices?

Another "leader", Paul Ryan, continues to present unacceptable budgets to the House each year. His budget ideas would gravely hurt the middle class, the elderly, the disabled, veterans, Social Security, and Medicare/Medicaid. His budget would strip many necessary government services and increase the deficit by giving tax cuts to the wealthiest.

The House Oversight Committee is investigating Hillary Clinton's email methods. Both Republican Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice handled their email accounts in a similar fashion and in compliance with the law. Do we need to include them in the investigation?

Even though everyone agrees Loretta Lynch is higher qualified for the position, the Republican-controlled Senate refuses to vote on Obama's nomination for Attorney General. Loretta Lynch would be the first African American woman to hold that position.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz singlehandedly shut down the federal government costing taxpayers $24 billion dollars. Like his fellow Republicans, Cruz rather than "leading" stood on the Senate floor and actually read Green Eggs and Ham. And, just one day after announcing his bid for president and calling Obamacare the biggest train wreck in the country, he signs up for it for himself and his family. As he gets reasonable healthcare from the ACA, he continues to deny it to millions in his home state of Texas.

Democrats need to find their voice. In 2016 there are 198 Democratic seats in the Senate and House that will be up for election. Candidates and officials running for reelection should sing from the rooftops boasting of all the accomplishments over the last six years--the growing economy, the shrinking deficit, the millions who have healthcare, the soaring stock market, etc. But voters must also do their part and go to the polls.