Scott Lee Cohen: Divorce Papers Allege Forcible Sex, Steroid Use, Adultery, Violence (VIDEO)

Scott Lee Cohen's political futures looked dimmer with every passing hour Thursday.

First, the media finally revisited a Sun-Times story from March 2009 about the Democrats's new nominee for Lieutenant Governor, discussing a 2005 domestic battery charge against Cohen. The charges assert that Cohen held a knife to the throat of his ex-girlfriend, a prostitute.

Then, his running mate-to-be, Gov. Pat Quinn, not so subtly suggested that he drop out of the race, saying he wouldn't want "anything to distract" from the issues come November. "The only appropriate thing to do is step aside," Quinn said, in a victory press conference that was hijacked by the Cohen issue.

Cohen issued a statement earlier in the day refusing to resign, despite Quinn. Now, his divorce papers from 2005 have surfaced. And they're ugly.

The court documents alleged that Cohen tried to force his ex-wife to have sex with him.

"On May 9, 2005, after having confessed to several affairs he had, he tried to have sex with me, and despite my refusals, he tried to force himself on me until I pushed him away and emphatically told him no," his ex-wife alleged. "In fact, I had been having family members, including my mom and sister, stay with me for the past several weeks because I'm afraid to be home alone with him."

Five days earlier, Cohen "came home around 2 a.m., and he could not find his keys to the house. He called the house, but no one answered because we were all sleeping, so he kicked in the garage door disturbing everyone in the house," she said.

His ex-wife also alleged that Cohen had been "taking injectable anabolic steroids, including but not limited to Winstrol, Cretine, and Steen."

Cohen responded to the documents, saying, "I never, ever touched anyone in my family, ever." He did, however, admit to steroid use.

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