See Why Showboating Chicago Bear Earned Entry Into 'Idiot Hall Of Fame'

When will players stop celebrating touchdowns before they're actually touchdowns?

The Chicago Tribune did not mince words in describing the premature touchdown celebration of Chicago Bears cornerback Marcus Cooper on Sunday, calling him a member of the “Idiot Hall of Fame” for performing a “stupid move, even for a Bear.”

Watch below to see how Cooper earned the derision of the newspaper. A blocked field goal try from the visiting Pittsburgh Steelers landed right in his hands, providing a clear path to the end zone for an easy touchdown. Only Cooper loafed and showboated at the end ― and he got the ball knocked out of his hands by the Steelers’ Vance McDonald. 

The Bears were given possession inside the 1-yard line after a Steelers penalty on the play, but they eventually settled for a field goal to take a 17-7 lead at the half. They won in overtime, 23-17, for their first victory of the season.

That TD would have come in handy, Marcus Cooper.

For The Win pointed that Cooper should have heeded his own words:



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