Seth Meyers: Who Are The Crying 'Big, Strong Guys' Thanking Donald Trump?

The "Late Night" host questioned Trump's repeated claim of tearful tough guys in a takedown of the president's corporate-friendly policies.

President Donald Trump keeps referring to big, strong tough guys who tearfully thank him for saving the country ― and Seth Meyers wants to know whether they’re real or part of “the myth that he is a hero to the working class.”

The “Late Night” host unspooled a montage of the president repeatedly telling stories about these thankful and tearful men. In one clip, the president reveals that someone among “big people from big companies” entered the Oval Office and began to cry.

“There are so many weird things about Donald Trump, but this is one of the weirdest,” Meyers said on Wednesday’s show. “Who are these big strong tough guys?”

It would make sense if they’re business honchos. Meyers took the president to task for claiming to be a champion of the working class as corporate profits and CEO pay surge. Amazon even got a tax refund.

“I don’t care if you’re a capitalist or a socialist or whatever,” Meyers said. “If one of the richest companies in the world run by one of the richest men in the world is getting a tax refund, then the system is [BLEEPED] up.”

Watch the segment above.

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