Shedding the Old Paradigm


It's time we stop worrying about looking stupid. It's time we stop hiding our light because we're afraid to be shamed. It's time we stop playing small out of fear of being criticized, ridiculed, and abandoned.


We're literally living in a new age. We've entered a new era of consciousness. This is the time to show up and step up. Suppressing your genius will make you sick. Remaining half-on will shut you off. Phoning it in will unplug you.

We're going through a seismic cultural shift. We're recalibrating our cells by opening up to the possibilities of our full potential. We're encoding our genes with courage, grace, and gratitude.

Every single one of us is at the center of the universe. Use your power to co-create the beauty you want to see. The fire of our true desire will burn away epigenetic residue. We co-author each other, we read one another.

We're shedding the old paradigm of limitation. Let's polish ourselves to be clear vessels for the new light.