Former Fox News Host Shep Smith Joining CNBC Lineup

“I know I found a great home for my newscast,” said Smith, who left Fox News after sparring with the network over Trump.

Former Fox News host Shep Smith will host a new show on CNBC, the network announced Wednesday.

“We’re thrilled that Shep, who’s built a career on an honest fight to find and report the facts, will continue his pursuit of the truth at CNBC,” the network’s chairman, Mark Hoffman, said in a statement.

Smith’s one-hour evening news program titled “The News With Shepard Smith” will begin airing in the fall and feature a mix of daily news and storytelling, the network said.

“Gathering and reporting the news has been my life’s work. I am honored to continue to pursue the truth, both for CNBC’s loyal viewers and for those who have been following my reporting for decades in good times and in bad,” Smith said, adding, “I know I found a great home for my newscast.”

Smith stunned viewers when he left Fox News last October, saying he asked the network to let him out of his contract. Though he had been with the right-leaning news operation since its 1996 inception, he began sparring with Tucker Carlson and other Trump-friendly hosts near the end of his tenure at Fox News.

In his outgoing message, Smith made an apparent nod to President Donald Trump’s war with the media.

“Even in our currently polarized nation, it is my hope that the facts will win the day. That the truth will always matter. That journalism ― and journalists ― will thrive,” Smith said on air. Trump has disparagingly called him Fox’s “lowest-rated anchor.”

Several weeks later, he took an apparent jab at his former network and its Trump-friendly reporting.

“Autocrats have learned how to use those same online tools to shore up their power,” he said at the International Press Freedom Awards. “They flood the world of information with garbage and lies, masquerading as news. There’s a phrase for that.”

Smith’s new show at CNBC is scheduled to air Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. ET.

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