5 Words That Are On Fleek For 2015, And 5 That We Literally Can't With Anymore

5 Words That Are On Fleek For 2015, And 5 That We Literally Can't With Anymore

New year = new lingo. Amirite?

2015 is upon us and you don't want to be left behind when it comes to the cool new ~* sLaNg *~. You also don't want to be that person still trying to make fetch happen in 2015.

So, here is our official guide to the k3wl 2015 slang and the lame old phrases of 2014 that need to go.

2015 approved:

1. Bae: noun
1. Technically stands for "before anyone else" but has been adapted to be synonymous with "baby" or "sweetie."
Used in a sentence:
"Harry Styles is my bae, even though he may not know it."

2. Thirsty: adjective
1. Not referencing actual thirst for a drink.
2. Referencing someone's desperation or over-eagerness.
Used in a sentence:
"Ugh, Michael Clifford has been following me around all night, he is so thirsty."

3. On Fleek: adjective
1. On point. Game = strong.
Used in a sentence:
"Eyebrows on fleek!"

4. Basic: adjective
1. Unoriginal or mainstream
2. Someone is basic when they are solely interested in popular, commercial things.
Used in a sentence:
"All Rachel does is drink pumpkin spice lattes and play Candy Crush -- she's so basic."

5. Turn up: verb
1. Getting pumped up.
2. Origins date back to Lil Jon's smash hit, "Turn Down For What."
Used in a sentence:
"I'm so exhausted, but that's not going to stop me from turnin' up tonight."


Words To Leave Behind:

1. Dope: adjective
1. Super cool and relevant
Used in a sentence:
"I'm so jealous of Claudia's Taylor Swift phone case, it's sooo dope."

2. LMK: abbreviation
1. Let Me Know
Used in a convo:
- "Are you coming to my party tonight?"
- "I'm not sure, I have to study"
- "OK, LMK."

3. I Literally Can't: phrase
1. When something is so amazing, you just can't handle it.
Used in a sentence:
"I literally can't with Taylor's shade of lipstick. She looks unreal."

4. Doe: conjunction
1. Alternate (and more popular) spelling of 'though'
Used in a sentence:
"I'm sort of excited for school, but not really doe."

5. Winning: verb
1. When everything is going right. You are succeeding in life, and therefore winning.
2. Originally redefined by Charlie Sheen
Used in a sentence:
"Eyebrows on fleek and therefore, I am winning."

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