Shedding Snake Gets Lost Inside Its Own Skin For 3 Hours

It's the circle of life, man.

It's one thing to get lost in your own thoughts. Getting lost in your own skin is another thing entirely.

That's what happened to a snake in Alice Springs, Australia, that was trying to shed its skin.

The Stimson's python was crawling out of its old skin when it mistakenly crawled back into it, according to a Facebook post from the Alice Springs Reptile Centre.

The snake circled inside the shed skin for three hours before it finally broke through to freedom.

"It actually looks like a steering wheel. Have been in the reptile business a long time and have never seen anything quite like it," a reptile center employee wrote on Facebook.

Except for a small exit hole, the snake's skin doughnut remained intact.

Snakes typically shed their skin to allow for growth or to remove parasites. But this circular shed was definitely out of the ordinary.

The snake seems unfazed by the ordeal and has resumed normal activities, according to the center.



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