'SNL's' 'Darius' Trump Boasts He Keeps His 'White Boys On A Leash'

Family with Robert Mueller jitters heads in limo to State of the Union speech in mock TV episode.

“Them Trumps” were back on “Saturday Night Live” spoofing the real Trumps as a black family — worried about the fallout from those taxpayer-financed golf vacations with Puff Daddy.

The sketch poses as a brief episode of the TV series — “by the producers of Empire” — that “ax the question: ’What if Donald Trump was black?’” 

This time the family is headed in their limo to the State of the Union address.

“Dad, you think this ... speech is gonna set all those haters straight?” asks Darius Jr. (Chris Redd).

“Of course it is, son,” responds Kenan Thompson’s Darius Trump decked out in a Donald-like blond wig (and red tie). “Now let’s get on up to the Capitol so I can do what I do.” 

But Daughter L’evanka (Ego Nwodim) is worried. “Dad! What about all the allegations” — like the “Trump Perm Academy” lawsuits and the Russian collusion probe.

“What happened between me and Russia  is between me and Russia,” Darius insists.

When wife Malika (Leslie Jones) warns him that special counsel Robert Mueller is closing in, Darius responds:  “Why you trying to play me? I know how to deal with Mueller. I keep my white boys on a leash.”

Not according to the “preview” for the next episode ... when Darius is pulled over.

Check it out above.