Stephen Colbert Fact-Checks Capitol Rioter Who Tried To Shame Him In Court

The "Late Show" host roundly debunked the now-jailed Donald Trump supporter's claim with old footage.

Stephen Colbert set the record straight after a Donald Trump supporter railed against him during his sentencing to 90 days in jail for his role in the U.S. Capitol riot.

Jason Riddle, who chugged a stolen bottle of wine and took a book during the Trump-incited attack on Jan. 6, 2021, complained to the court this week that Colbert had “called me an enemy of the state to a booing crowd,” per CNN.

“OK, that is not true. That’s not true,” Colbert clarified on Thursday. “I did not call him an enemy of the state. That was the segue-into-the-roundup roundup.”

The “Late Show” host rolled the tape of what he actually called Riddle in June last year: “New Hampshire native and guy teaching a cryptocurrency class from his mom’s basement.”

The comedian then corrected the description to: “New Hampshire native and guy teaching cryptocurrency class … from jail.”

Watch from the eight-minute mark here:

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