Stephen Colbert Foams At The Mouth Over Trump Announcement

Stephen Colbert's "Late Show" won't premiere for another two and a half months, but he's already created a comic gem with an "announcement" mocking Donald Trump's announcement that he's running for president.

Sporting a Trump-style hairdo, Colbert was rolled to a podium in "a giant human trashcan" to announce he would still be hosting the "Late Show." But mostly, he just rambled for more than six minutes, mimicking Trump's own rambling speech.

"My mouth still has more to say," he said as he babbled on about China, Mexico, lunch, bicycle racing, card tricks, hats and more.

“I agree with Donald that America is dead -- buried in a coffin, in salted earth with our enemies pissing on it and laughing" Colbert said. "And Donald Trump is the only man who can -- excuse me, I’m just moved -- I’m physically moved by the knowledge that Donald Trump is the only man who can dig up the corpse of that nation and marry it.”

At one point, he literally foamed at the mouth.

Check it out in the clip above.

Colbert and Trump have something of a history. In 2012, Trump offered $5 million to charity if President Barack Obama would provide his college transcripts and passport paperwork. Colbert in turn offered Trump $1 million to charity if he could dip his balls into the celebrity businessman's mouth.

Colbert's "Late Show" will premiere on Sept. 8 on CBS.



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