Stephen Colbert Exposes GOP's 'Brilliant' Plan To Take Down Joe Biden

The "Late Show" host sarcastically imagined what Republicans have to do next.

Stephen Colbert on Wednesday mocked House Republicans for officially launching an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, but without currently having a legitimate reason for doing so.

The “Late Show” host highlighted Rep. Troy Nehls’ (R-Texas) statement that he just “wants to give Trump a little bit of ammo to fire back so they can say Biden has also been impeached.”

It’s a “brilliant plan” to “level the playing field,” said Colbert.

“Now he just has to have Biden spanked by a porn star, have his followers attack the Capitol and, worst of all, have him dance like this,” he joked, before mimicking former President Donald Trump’s campaign rally moves.

Watch the video here:

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