Stephen King Haunts Trump With A Biting Question About New Border Wall Claims

The horror author trolled the president with a reminder of his biggest -- and so far emptiest -- campaign promise.

The White House claims construction on President Donald Trump’s border wall is now underway.

We are building the wall!” the White House tweeted on Tuesday with a short clip of construction that ends with the words “BUILDING THE WALL!”

But horror author Stephen King had just one question concerning Trump’s biggest campaign promise.

He tweeted:

Trump campaigned on a promise of not only building a wall across much of the entire southern border, but that Mexico would pay for it.

Mexico is not paying for the wall.

In addition, the footage posted by the White House does not show construction of a new border wall but rather a replacement for existing fencing.

However, a Supreme Court ruling last month that allows Trump to redirect billions in funds intended for the military toward border walls could pave the way for new construction.

That would be billions in U.S. taxpayer money ― not cash from Mexico.

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