Stewart Takes On The RNC Chairman Debate (VIDEO)

WATCH: Stewart Takes On The RNC Chairman Debate

Before "The Daily Show" went on break, Jon Stewart did one of his most entertaining interviews ever with none other than Michael Steele -- in puppet form -- on his seeking re-election. Tuesday night, Stewart continued to rip on the current Republican National Committee Chairman, but also turned his attention to the other RNC Chair candidates and their behavior in the debate held Monday.

The person who took the most heat was Missouri's Ann Wagner, whose look Stewart said needed to be "grizzlied" and who thought one of the debate questions was "What is your favorite bar" instead of "book." Her answer? "My kitchen table."

"I'm not sure 'kitchen table' is a good answer for either question," Stewart said. "Yes, I like to sit alone in the same place I eat breakfast and get sh*tfaced."

But Steele also made a snafu during the favorite book question, responding that his favorite was "War & Peace" and then quipping "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times," which is the opening line of "A Tale Of Two Cities."

Watch the rest of the clip to see Stewart's take on the other debate questions asked, which consisted of yes/no questions about Planned Parenthood being de-funded and whether or not Sarah Palin can win a general election, as well as how many guns each candidate personally owns.


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