Wrinkle The Duck Helps Resurrect A TV Classic With 1 Incredibly Stupid Trick

A late-night staple gets a makeover as "Stupid Pet Tricks" returns to television.

A classic segment from David Letterman’s late night television shows is getting a new leash on life, as “Stupid Pet Tricks” makes its series debut on Sunday.

The new TBS show is hosted by actor and comedian Sarah Silverman, who last year was one of the rotating guest hosts of “The Daily Show.”

In Sunday’s premiere, however, she promises that “Stupid Pet Tricks” will be free of stupid politics.

“Some of these animals will blow your mind, and some of these animals will blow the trick,” she says. “Either way, you’re not watching the news.”

Fittingly, the show begins with Letterman passing the torch to Silverman by reading a “Top Ten List” of all the people he tried to hire for the job instead of her.

The initial episodes include a camel, a goat, a horse, dogs and a highly reluctant cat named Charlie.

There’s also Wrinkle the Duck, who plays a strange role in a juggling routine. Unlike Charlie, Wrinkle seems happy to do her job.

Oh, and Wrinkle paints on the side ― under the name Quackson Pollock, naturally.

See Wrinkle in action in the clip above. “Stupid Pet Tricks” premieres Feb. 11 at 5 p.m. ET on TBS, Discovery, truTV and Animal Planet.

Future episodes will air Mondays on TBS at 9 p.m. starting Feb. 12.

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