Sunday Roundup

This week the presidential circus rolled into Wisconsin, with Ted Cruz scoring a big victory against a stumbling Trump. New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman suggested those wobbles might be due to burnout. "People who know Trump say they've never seen him so tired," he wrote. Supporting evidence comes from modern science, as sleep deprivation symptoms include lack of judgment, inability to process basic information, irritability, mood swings and a paranoid tendency to spout conspiracy theories. Sound familiar? Trump's biggest contribution to the discourse might be as a cautionary tale about exhaustion, and the resulting consequences of lack of impulse control. And as the campaign heads to the city that never sleeps, I'll be heading west on a different campaign, to change the way we think about sleep -- that includes a college tour and a campaign against drowsy driving with Uber. In the meantime, all the candidates could do the electorate a favor and get some sleep.