Swastika Flyers Dropped By Drone On Ariana Grande Concert, Sacramento State Campus

The chilling missives used several of President Donald Trump's catchphrases to attack the press.

A drone dropped flyers marked with swastikas outside an Ariana Grande concert in Sacramento, California, on Friday.

Leaflets were also released over a Sacramento State University “Bites on the Bridge” outdoor dinner the same day, The State Hornet university newspaper reported. Grande’s concert was held at the Golden 1 Center arena in downtown Sacramento, a 10-minute drive from the university.

Although the flyers bore different designs, they were dropped from the same drone, per the student paper. One featured an “X” over the words “STOP THE PRESS” while another contained a border-to-border swastika. Both flyers featured several of President Donald Trump’s anti-press catchphrases:

Neither event was interrupted by the stunt.

In a statement Friday, university President Robert Nelsen condemned “the dissemination of hate speech and propaganda”:

Police are investigating.

The flyers included a link to the “Red X Society” Facebook page. A video of a similar leaflet drop over the California state capitol in Sacramento last month was posted on the page.

Some flyers also included the name Tracy Mapes, a man who was arrested in 2017 for allegedly flying a drone that released anti-press flyers over two Bay Area football stadiums, the Sacramento Bee reported.

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