Take That! Moms in Capes Bust Healthcare Myths Across the Nation

SuperMoms dressed in red capes are distributing powerful truth flyers to passersby to educate them about what health care reform will really do and how it will help.
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Faster than a toddler crawling toward an uncovered electrical outlet and more powerful than a teenager's social networking skills, moms across the country are fanning out to dispel the unfounded rumors, misconceptions and lies about healthcare reform.

The effort, the SuperMom Healthcare Truth Squad, is spearheaded by MomsRising.org. Chicago, Baltimore, and San Francisco are among the first cities to witness this "mom power," when the cape wearing SuperMom Healthcare Truth Squad arrives today to distribute information about Myths & Truths.

SuperMoms dressed in red capes are distributing powerful truth flyers to passersby to educate them about what healthcare reform will really do and how it will help to ensure the economic security of families across the country.

Join this effort online by Truth Tagging a friend with healthcare reform myths & facts today.

While the SuperMom Healthcare Truth Squad is debuting in Chicago, Baltimore and San Francisco today, this is just a small part of what's going on with moms fighting for healthcare reform right now. Across the country, over the next several weeks thousands of other MomsRising Truth Squad members will do their part by talking to friends, neighbors, and other community members about what healthcare reform will really accomplish; sending emails that explain the real purposes and plans for reform and dispel the myths; and using their school and soccer/sports team lists, along with Facebook and Twitter accounts to spread the truth.

Why do moms care? Not only are families struggling with getting children the healthcare coverage they need for a healthy start, but 7 out of 10 women are either uninsured, underinsured, or are in significant debt due to healthcare costs. In fact, a leading cause of bankruptcy is healthcare costs -- and over 70% of those who do go bankrupt due to healthcare costs had insurance at the start of their illness. Clearly we need healthcare reform!

Healthcare reform is a key economic security issue for mothers and families in our nation. That's why this summer, MomsRising members across the country are also meeting with over 90 in-district U.S. Senate offices to share their experiences with the healthcare system and to convey the message that moms will "not be pacified" until our healthcare system is fixed.

Dozens of highly attended in-district meetings with U.S. Senate offices have already happened in the past couple of weeks. Pictures can be seen here. At these meetings, MomsRising members are sharing their stories, as well as delivering a book of members stories complete with a real pacifier and the message that, "Moms won't be pacified until our healthcare system is fixed." See the book of member stories here.

Why did we start the MomsRising Truth Squad? Well, things were getting so out-of-hand with ridiculous rumors flying, that we at MomsRising decided to add a little levity and, importantly, truth to the situation with moms in capes.

So if you can't wear a cape today, join us in the game of Truth Tag to help put a little truth into the mix of the national dialogue on Healthcare Reform right now: go to this link to tag a friend with the truth and pass it on.


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