Texas Landowner Gabe Cordova Says Keystone Pipeline Forces Him To Give Up Land (VIDEO)

Keystone Pipeline Forces Texan Off His Land

The Keystone Pipeline may be held up in Congress, but the private sector’s moving forward. Just ask Gabe Cordova, a Texas landowner who says Trans Canada is pushing him off his land.

Cordova, an Army veteran, spoke with Alicia Menendez on HuffPost Live on Thursday, where he said a representative of the company told him he had no choice but to give up his property:

He said ‘here’s the deal. Either you sign what we put in front of you -- take this offer -- or we’re gonna take you to court. You’re gonna have to get lawyers, you’re gonna have to pay all the court costs and we’re gonna come in here anyway. We’re gonna take this property, no matter if you like it or not.’ That’s exactly how he presented it ... We had that land for 37 years and we just wanted to live our life out peacefully. We never even thought about somebody else trying to come through there.

Polling in Western states by Latino Decisions indicates that the environment is an issue of growing importance for the Hispanic community. In Colorado, for example, 70 percent of Latino voters surveyed say the federal government should require companies to provide research proving they can produce oil shale in a way that won’t harm local air and water supplies.

Watch the HuffPost Live clips above.

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