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The Best Undies For Working Out, According To Women Who Work Out

Women bare it all in the quest for the perfect gym panty.

From matching bra and legging sets to sport-specific sneakers and sweatfproof jackets, a regular gym bunny’s closet is full of workout gear that’ll stand up to her most intense sweat session. Just as wellness foodies have their standby kitchen faves, and yoga teachers swear by their favorite yoga pants, workout obsessives also have their go-tos, especially when it comes to gym underwear.

Casual gym-goers might throw on the nearest pair of clean panties and call it a day, but the pros know better than to rely on any everyday ol’ undies. Wear the wrong unmentionables, and you could be looking at some serious sweat stains, panty lines, awkward chafing, wedgies or even a dreaded camel toe.

To answer the age old of question of what panties you should wear the next time you’re at the gym, we asked personal trainers and other fitness fanatics to bare all in the quest for the perfect gym underwear.

From G-strings and thongs to boy shorts, check out below the eight best undies for working out, according to women who work out:

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Luluemon’s Namastay Put Thong
“When I exercise, I go hard and I sweat a lot as a result,” says Dempsey Marks, a fitness expert and creator of the PreGame Fit fitness program. “I want something to keep me dry to help avoid a yeast infection. My go-to is Lululemon’s Namastay Put Thong. It is soft and feels like a second skin. It’s like wearing nothing.”
Boody Boyleg Brief
HOT HIIT creator and certified personal trainer Monique Crous needs a workout undie that won’t rub during an intense sweat session. "My go to underwear for any kind of workout is the BoyLeg Brief by Boody,” she says. “There is virtually no bunching, and the cut helps prevent chafing during friction exercises. Not to mention they look great under leggings!"
Sweaty Betty’s No Show Briefs
Sweaty Betty
“[Sweaty Betty's No Show Briefs] are designed for high-intensity workouts, and they are no show which is a must for me,” says Marks, the creator of the PreGame Fit program.
Adidas Climacool Thong
“A new technology that’s recently emerged is underwear made from fabrics that keep you cool,” says Marks, the creator of the PreGame Fit program. “Adidas makes a great pair called Climacool Thong. They are comfortable and light, and though they have a seam, it is flat and doesn’t show. Plus, their micro mesh fabric works like a charm and drys fast.” Though the Climacool Thong is currently sold out on Adidas, the Adidas Superlite Hipster Underwear are made of the same barely-there material to keep you cool and dry.
Hanky Panky Bare G-String
Hanky Panky
Lauren Seib , a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, swears by the Hanky Panky Bare G-String. “These smooth, moisture-wicking, second-skin neutrals are my favorites,” she says. “They make you look bare under your fave ALO leggings without a ton of uncomfortable material.”
Under Armour Pure Stretch Hipsters
“I wear the Under Armour Pure Stretch Hipsters,” says marathon runner Courtney Boldt. “They are very thin and light, keep you dry and don’t ride up. My favorite part is that they shape to your body perfectly and are extremely soft, plus they’re invisible under all my leggings. I’ve worn them through everything from half marathons and hiking, to formal events. I know it’s weird to feel this strongly about underwear, but they work for literally everything!”
Victoria’s Secret Logo Thong
Victoras Secret
“Trying to find good underwear that will be comfortable through your workout AND help with minimizing female issues such as the ‘camel toe’ can be an endless journey,” says Michie Peachie, a Fitplan trainer, personal trainer and fitness coach. “I’ve tried so many promising brands, but the best one I personally use is the Logo Thong from Victoria Secret’s Pink. These help me the most with minimizing camel toe and having a comfortable breathable fit throughout my workouts and fitness shoots.”
Jessica Simpson Thongs
Allison Jackson is a figure competitor, online fitness trainer and nutrition expert. “Needless to say, I'm working out at the gym five to six times per week, “she says. “My favorite undies are Jessica Simpson's lacy low-rider thongs. They're super comfortable, and the lace is stretchy and soft — almost like spandex. Not to mention, they come in really fun colors, and there are no panty lines when you're sporting yoga or workout pants. And they don't fall apart in the laundry; They’re definitely made to take some wear and tear.”