'The Californians' On SNL: Jeremy Renner Guest Stars As Lawyer In Thanksgiving Episode (VIDEO)

Call us crazy, but after four installments of "The Californians," SNL's parody of the Los Angeles lifestyle, we're starting to feel invested in the one-dimensional characters and the tissue-thin plot line.

In this week's very special Thanksgiving episode, tensions erupt when Stuart finds Devon the handyman in a liplock with Rosa the maid. At first, Stuart makes it seem as if he's just looking out for Rosa's best interests -- after all, Devon has broken hearts in Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino and Redondo Beach. But when Stuart inadvertently reveals that he knows the location of Rosa's home in Angelino Heights, it becomes all too clear that his anger is rooted in jealousy.

SNL host Jeremy Renner guest stars in the sketch as Stuart's lawyer, and he pulls off a mouthful of a "Californian" monologue:

I was just at the Beverly Center, buying myself some killer chinos. Took Crescent Heights up across Sunset and drove up Laurel Canyon when I remembered I had something super important to tell you. So I made a left on Ventura, by the Baja Fresh, got onto Beverly Glen and made a quick right onto Carmelita.

Renner delivers the news that Stuart has fathered "an illegitimate little bro" with September, a woman he met at an Eagles concert. But the plot thickens when Devon the handyman reveals that he knows September, too. Cue the dramatic music!

Fred Armisen's definitely got the giggles in this episode of "The Californians," and it's a struggle for him to get through the entire sketch without completely cracking up. It's not hard to see why -- the ridiculous accents and facial contortions are enough to make the entire cast break in this "dress rehearsal" version of an earlier episode.

Watch the sketch in the video above and let us know in the comments below: which is your favorite "Californians" episode?

  • Josh Brolin guest stars as Dr. Greg, hates Encino.
  • Christina Applegate guest stars, gets married to Stuart.
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