Jon Stewart To Those Who Want To Deport Kids: 'What The F*&k Is Wrong With You'

Jon Stewart To Those Who Want To Deport Kids: 'What The F*&k Is Wrong With You'

Jon Stewart proves, once again, that no one does it better.

"The Daily Show" host takes on conservatives who oppose immigration reform in his "Immigration Reform Crisis: Kids Edition" segment.

The host starts off by telling all those who want to deport the minors currently in custody at the border, "What the fuck is wrong with you?" He then explains that one of the main reasons the children aren't being deported back to Central America is due to a law signed by George W. Bush, which states that children from countries not bordering the U.S. can't be immediately deported.

While many are calling the current situation at the border a humanitarian crisis, Stewart is quick to point out that some people, like Rep. Louie Gohmert, are taking it in another direction and calling the massive amount of undocumented children at the border an invasion.

"Representative Louie Gohmert, he's like Old Faithful, if instead of hot water it regularly shot out stupid," the host says after showing a clip of Rep. Gohmert reading the definition of invasion when addressing the situation at the border and saying that in these types of situations the military is often involved.

"Now I'm not a military expert but generally an enemy invasion force is not particularly dangerous until it can reach and open its own cereal," Stewart replies.

Also, the host suggests, maybe Obama shouldn't be blamed for immigrants wanting to come to the United States. After showing a clip of various Republican politicians saying just how wonderful the U.S. is, Stewart reasons that this is American history repeating itself.

"We have always been a nation of immigrants who hate the newer immigrants," Stewart states, "because Lady Liberty may be a beacon of those yearning to breathe free but the truth is, she's actually a bouncer."

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