'The Flintstones': Seth MacFarlane Wins Rights To Reboot Series

The creator of one of the most famous modern day cartoon families is about to join the animated brood that started it all.

Deadline.com reports that "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane has acquired the rights to reboot, on TV and film, "The Flintstones," that famous pre-historic family from Bedrock. MacFarlane, who has also created "The Cleveland Show," and "American Dad," is known for his raunchy take on pop culture and politics, an issue that worried rights holders Warner Brothers as they negotiated the deal with MacFarlane's home studio, 20th Century Fox.

"The Flintstones," premiered in 1960 and ran until 1966; its reruns have been aired ever since. It spawned years of spinoffs, including the 80's "The Flintstone Kids," as well as TV movies and live action films made in the 1990s.

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