'The Great Gatsby' Release: How Much Would It Cost To Live Like Jay Gatsby Today?

It Would Cost $34.3 Million To Live Like Jay Gatsby Today

As far as iconic characters go, Jay Gatsby is synonymous with wealth, decadence and high-end luxury. The mansion, the parties, the far-reaching social circle -- they're all magnified in Baz Luhrmann's new "Great Gatsby" adaptation via opulent aesthetics and a grandiose treatment of F. Scott Fitzgerald's immortal novel.

But how much money did Gatsby really have, and were the outlandish spending habits portrayed in the book realistic? It's a subject that's been a hot topic for years, and one that's seen an understandable resurgence in conjunction with the film's May 10 release. A longtime poster child for wealth, Gatsby has become the fictional centerpiece of a slew of analyses regarding his bank account -- including a lengthy New York magazine piece dissecting the cash flow referenced in the book compared to the titular character's lofty expenses.

If you want to replicate Gatsby's lifestyle today, it'll cost you a whopping $34.3 million, according to a new infographic compiled by online money magazine What's Hot. Expenses calculated include Gatsby's lavish Long Island, N.Y., mansion ($30 million), his personal shopper ($470,610) and posh parties ($250,000).

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Infographic by Nickolay Lamm and courtesy of MyVoucherCodes.co.uk

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