'The Office' Is Leaving Netflix In 2021, And Fans Aren't Happy About It At All

NBC Universal plans to put the classic sitcom on its forthcoming streaming network and take it off Netflix.

Do you enjoy watching “The Office” on Netflix? Well, the streaming giant is warning you that the show’s days are numbered on the platform.

Netflix let its Twitter followers know on Tuesday that the classic sitcom starring Steve Carell will be moving on to a new streaming network sometime in 2021.

NBC’s current deal with Netflix to air the show expires at the end of next year. After that, all nine seasons of “The Office” are to be available domestically on a forthcoming streaming network created by NBCUniversal, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  

International viewers don’t need to stress, as those streaming deals will remain in place for the time being. 

However, the decision to remove “The Office” from Netflix, where it is very popular, could be the start of a general exodus of programming.

WarnerMedia reportedly plans to do something similar with “Friends” when it launches its own streaming service.

Meanwhile, some “Office” fans had very strong reactions to the news that the show would be leaving Netflix.

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