The Republicans are for Smaller Government Except...

While most Republicans think there is no role for government in job creation, some of our best Presidents have proven otherwise. FDR knew the importance of government when he created the New Deal that brought America out of a deep depression. Eisenhower's administration used the federal government to create the Interstate Highway System which employed thousands of people. During the Clinton administration, more than 22 million jobs were created and the economy flourished. In addition, Clinton raised education standards and lowered the crime rate. Government not only can have a role, it should have a role.

Republicans are continuously talking about the need for smaller government, yet their actions show otherwise...

In 2014, the Supreme Court ruled abortions a legal medical procedure. Since then, 73 abortions clinics have been closed in Republican led states. Because of court orders, a few were allowed to reopen.* Is this governance of women's bodies creating smaller government...or are our legislatures saying they know more about medical decisions than patients and their doctors?

These same Republicans who say they value life also desire to go to war with or without provocation, want to grow our prison system rather than reform it, and encourage the sale of larger, more powerful guns. Why do they only vote pro-life when women's rights are involved?

Republicans believe that smaller government means lower taxes on millionaires and fewer regulations on big corporations. The result: There wouldn't be enough money to fund social programs they want to dismantle like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

While Congress pushes for more tax breaks to benefit the wealthy and more funding for wars and military operations, they also feel compelled to tell others how to spend their money even though they can't balance their own budget. Governor Brownback signed a law that tells welfare recipients they can't get their nails done, go on a cruise, or go to the movies with the money received from the government. Ironically, there are no rules restricting the purchase of guns and ammunition to these welfare recipients.

When Denton, Texas citizens voted to ban fracking in their city, Governor Greg Abbott created a law prohibiting city's from banning fracking. Talk about government overreach.

Even though Florida is the state most in danger from global warming, officials at Florida's EPA were ordered not to use global warming or climate change in any official communications, emails, or reports, affecting 3,200 employees.** I thought in America we were guaranteed Freedom of Speech by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Why are the rights in Florida different?

Our Founding Fathers were also very clear on two other points: Separation of church and state and everyone's right to practice their religious views as they wished. So why do Republicans want religion included in classroom core curriculum?

Mike Huckabee made it clear during his announcement for president in 2016 that he favors a theology over a democracy. He believes that schools should resemble churches delivering the gospel, rather than education and exchange of academic ideas. He opposes both women's rights and same sex marriage. His current book's title: God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy, communicates his beliefs and priorities.

Ted Cruz, who made his announcement for President at Liberty University, an evangelical school founded by Jerry Falwell, also believes that religion should be the basis for our government.

Voters need to look at each candidate's party platform, priorities, and the way they have voted in the past. Voters need to vote for what is best for them and the country, rather than following a party because of past loyalties and ideologies that were part of the 50s. We are in 2015, and our legislators need to pass laws that address our current issues and challenges, and prepare America for the future.

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