The Wise Middle Eastern Guide To Be Safe In The West

Given that xenophobia (specifically Arabo-Phobia and Islamophobia) is insanely on the rise and is foreseen to increase even more in the future with the rise of far-right groups in many countries and the unprecedented hate rhetoric that many politicians use, any Middle Eastern planning to travel/live in Europe or U.S.A., he/she better follow the below tips to keep their safety:

2. If you are a woman with a head scarf (Hijab), you've got to take it off baby or better take the advice of Hasan Minhaj.
- Man pleads guilty to grabbing, taking off woman's hijab on plane

3. Don't wear your traditional clothes because you will be mistaken for a terrorist.
-'They were brutal with me' Emirati describes arrest in US after being mistaken for ISIL member

4. If you look Middle Eastern, I advise you undergo a plastic surgery to change your skin color.
-Hate-filled Florida woman mistakes comedy film crew as Middle Eastern -- and launches racist tirade about terrorism

6. Last and most importantly, do not -- under any circumstances -- say that you are Muslim.
- French Embassy Employee Fired for Being Muslim, Pregnant

With these advices, I guarantee that no Middle Eastern will be hurt and none will face any kind of discrimination. Funny right?

Actually it is not, and it is getting real. United Arab Emiratis asked its citizens not to wear their traditional clothes while traveling abroad. It will be possible to see other countries asking their citizens to use my guide above. But now as human beings sharing this world, are we aware that the stories we used to read in history books about the dark ages of religious persecution are now our daily news?

According to Merriam-Webster, persecution is to treat (someone) cruelly or unfairly especially because of race or religious or political beliefs. This is exactly what is happening with many Muslims or anyone who looks Middle Eastern. Actually now being a Muslim means your life matters less, and if you are a citizen of an European country, your citizenship might mean nothing and you might be thrown out of the country because of your religion.

Perhaps in the future, we will be witnessing a Holocaust for Muslims and the world will stand still. But if you are ok with this idea I congratulate you, you are the 21st century's Adolf Hitler.