25 Things That Only Happen In Hawaii

Kama'aina, you know what's up.

Behind Hawaii’s gorgeous beachesmagnificent views and, of course, delicious food is a world unlike any other.

If you’ve ever lived in the islands, you know that the distinct local culture and laid-back lifestyle are what makes it the special place we know and love.

After all, where else in the country is it normal to meet a surfing pig at the beach? And we’re pretty sure Hawaii is the only place where it’s perfectly acceptable for a reporter to interrupt the news just to appreciate a rainbow.

As the song goes, “On the island, we do it island style...”

Below, 25 things that only ever happen in Hawaii.

  • 1 Our Pokéstops are literally Poke Stops.
    Catch some Pokémon and eat some spicy ahi? Don’t mind if we do.
  • 2 McDonald’s is on another level.
    Haupia pie > Apple pie.
  • 3 Because when it comes to the most important meal of the day, McMuffins won't cut it.
    Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice on the other hand...
  • 4 Literally everyone owns a Hydroflask.
    *spends next hour raving about how cold the water is even after being left in the sun*
  • 5 In Oahu traffic, anything goes.
    Even sitting in the middle of the highway in a lawn chair. Or waiting on the H-1 for an unbelievable number of consecutive hours.
  • 6 Our traffic cams are a little more colorful.
    And, from time to time, news anchors will interrupt traffic reports to appreciate the beauty of a rainbow photobomb.
  • 7 And our newscasters sound a bit ... different.
    In Hawaii, pidgin isn’t just a type of bird.
  • 8 This is what breaking news looks like.

    This is what counts as breaking news in Hawaii

    A photo posted by Nick Grube (@grubesack) on

    Volcanoes and earthquakes and hurricanes, oh my!
  • 9 You’ll never, ever forget the number to call a cab.
    Thanks, Frank DeLima.
  • 10 CVS stores wear a disguise.

    A photo posted by GoSurfDa808 (@gosurf808) on

    In 2008, the Long’s Drugs chain was sold to CVS Pharmacy. But the stores still wear the Long’s name, because locals are too attached to their “neighborhood drugstore.”
  • 11 And as much as we love Long’s, we love Costco more.
    The Iwilei Costco in Honolulu once&nbsp;<a href="http://old.seattletimes.com/html/businesstechnology/2003790031_costcohawaii1
    RJ Sangosti via Getty Images
    The Iwilei Costco in Honolulu once brought in more than twice the revenue of the average Costco. Just don’t go on a Saturday.
  • 12 Las Vegas is called the "ninth island".
    Between the outlet malls, the all-you-can-eat buffets and, of course, the gambling, Hawaii folks are constantly finding reasons to party in Vegas.
  • 13 Everybody knows bon dances are lit.
    Let the aunties show you how it’s done.
  • 14 But graduation is the biggest event of all.
    Your aunty, uncle, cousin, second cousin, next door neighbor and their cousins wouldn’t miss it for the world. Get ready to drown in lei.
  • 15 Locals know how to take lei beyond plain old flowers.
    Yep, that’s corned beef.
  • 16 But stick with flowers for the office. Flower print, that is...
    Unless you&rsquo;re due in court, <a href="http://www.hawaiibusiness.com/youre-wearing-that-to-work/" target="_blank">don&rsq
    Sri Maiava Rusden via Getty Images
    Unless you’re due in court, don’t wear a suit.
  • 17 The holidays look a lot different.
    Mr. and Mrs. Claus break out the aloha wear come December.
    windwardskies via Getty Images
    Mr. and Mrs. Claus break out the aloha wear come December.
  • 18 Real snow is a commodity out here.
    Since Hawaii doesn't get much snow, a local company sells it for events with a minimum purchase of three tons of ice.
  • 19 But that doesn’t mean we like freezing temperatures.
    In fact, a record-breaking 57 degrees in January 2015 was enough to turn us off the cold forever.
  • 20 You can get five years in prison for messing with royalty.
    A man on the Big Island was <a href="http://www.staradvertiser.com/breaking-news/man-gets-5-years-for-damaging-statue-of-king
    Dennis K. Johnson via Getty Images
    A man on the Big Island was sentenced to prison for stealing part of the spear from this statue of King Kamehameha the Great.
  • 21 People will break the law for spam musubi.
    Last June, a man caught stealing two spam musubis from a local grocery store was<a href="http://www.staradvertiser.com/breaki
    Nutapol via Getty Images
    Last June, a man caught stealing two spam musubis from a local grocery store was given a whopping $25,000 bail after being charged with first-degree robbery, according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.
  • 22 It's common to see a surfing pig.
    You can find a whole family of them at Sandy Beach.
  • 23 Not to mention this one-eyed surfing cat.
  • 24 But it's OK if you don't have your own pet.
    Every house comes with built in critters to keep you company.
  • 25 And no matter how bad your day gets, Hawaii will always give you a reason to smile.


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