Think Out of the Box!

'Think Out of the Box!' implicates that you have ever thought of such a thing like a box existing and to respect it, either because you have ever been in a box, fit into a box and/or thought of being in a box, which controlled you, your life, and your whole thinking. Then the box has fractionated your whole thinking from a holistic one to one which fitted into the box.

The thing is, there is no such thing like a box in nature nor has it ever existed naturally. The boxes we find in the outside are only expressions, only reflexions of the mental boxes some of us felt to be necessary. Therefore they created these boxes for things, for themselves and for others to think, feel and live in. Soon they all forgot that these boxes are man-made, made by their kin. And they all were very willing to fit in their creations and to accept them as God-given. But remember in nature, there is no such thing like a box nor has it ever been.

If you think differently, please show me a square box in nature which wasn't made by man. There are only boxish thinking people, who like to control nature and other people, and who have the strong urge to dominate nature and people in order to stay once and for all in the box they made for themselves and for all. Let's think of cubicles or sweatshops, only to name a few. It's a reflection of their way of thinking and their strive for power.

That is the face of our so-called modern society. Even if it is considered to be the best we have - at least this statement comes from all those, who think boxish - it is still nothing else but a subtile version of a slaveholder society with some slaveholders in charge and too many slaves thinking and living in the box, thinking that it has to be that way and that there is no other way.

Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann