The "Hamilton" creator responds to critiques of the musical's take on slavery.
The platform has added two shorts that acknowledge the film depicts the South as a world of grace and beauty without acknowledging the brutalities of slavery.
Shannon Lanier believes that monuments to the third president should be kept out of public spaces.
"Slave auctions are a re-enactment of the most dark, traumatic and evil part of British history – they shouldn’t be revered," the founder of No Slave Auctions tells HuffPost UK.
Pastor Louie Giglio also suggested "white privilege" may be better understood as a "white blessing."
The president moved the campaign event in Tulsa, site of a 1921 racist massacre, that would have fallen on a holiday celebrating Black freedom from slavery.
The band apologized to fans for the ties its previous name had to the Civil War and slavery and promised to practice anti-racism.
The education secretary told conservatives their fight to restrict abortion access was like President Abraham Lincoln’s quest to abolish "a vast moral evil."
The billionaire's firm has lost $2.7 billion in business following the CEO's most recent vulgar remarks at an exclusive conference.
President Donald Trump compared the impeachment inquiry to a lynching, and it didn’t sit well with Democrats.