Prominent Founding Fathers including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had owned hundreds of enslaved people.
Here's how to make Juneteenth a celebration and a day of learning about our nation's true history.
The day off for federal workers honors the end of slavery in the United States.
Multiple historians noted that the Three-Fifths Compromise helped slaveholders achieve inordinate power and uphold the institutions of slavery.
The Senate minority leader was schooled on the history of the filibuster.
The deadly Capitol insurrection was meant to undermine Black votes and devalue Black life. Wednesday's hearing felt like a rebuttal.
Some activists say the word is irrevocably linked to the country's legacy of slavery.
Jessyka Winston runs Haus of Hoodoo, a New Orleans-based botanica that offers healing and spiritual education.
The president wants to create a commission that will teach "the miracle" of U.S. history as schools attempt to reckon more honestly with the legacy of slavery.
In an absurd claim made on Wednesday, the attorney general compared coronavirus stay-at-home orders to centuries of anti-Black murder and sexual assault.