Even Tiffani Thiessen Loves This 'Saved By The Bell' Fan Theory

Kelly Kapowski is on board.

Sometimes a TV fan theory comes along that makes so much sense even the stars agree with it, but iiiiiiit's all right 'cause it's "Saved by the Bell."

The late '80s/early '90s sitcom is one of the most beloved and befuddling shows out there. The series features several major plot holes, unexplained character disappearances and other discrepancies that seem to defy logic. Or do they?

Popularized on Cracked a few years ago, one fan theory easily explains all the unanswered questions on the show with one eye-opening revelation:

"Saved by the Bell" was just Zack Morris' dream.

OK, time out! What?

If you look back on the series, it turns out it's an even bigger mess than "when a teacher pops a test." 

Before "Saved by the Bell" became the show we remember, it was originally called, "Good Morning, Miss Bliss." The theory says that in the original show, Zack Morris was pretty much a regular kid with regular problems. He attends John F. Kennedy Junior High in Indianapolis, and his dad is a single father.

Then, almost overnight, Morris is the most popular kid at Bayside High School in California. He's got two parents now (plus his dad's name changed), many of the characters have apparently moved with him from Indianapolis (including his principal?), people constantly show up in the friend group only to eventually never be heard from again -- (Seriously, has anyone seen Tori?) -- oh, and he has the ability to stop time. 

If "Saved by the Bell" was a dream, everything would make so much more sense. But does it hold up?

Recently, Kelly Kapowski herself, Tiffani Thiessen, chatted with The Huffington Post about her show "Dinner at Tiffani's," and we asked her for her thoughts on the theory.

She loved it more than Zack loves Kelly.

"I actually think it’s a pretty good theory the more that I think about it," said Thiessen. "I think it’s pretty funny. The fact that he can stop time. That really kind of sells it for me, I have to say. I think that’s a good theory." 

Whoa! Kelly's on board. But is "Saved by the Bell" really just Zack's delusion? And does this mean that when there's a dream sequence, it's a dream within a dream like "Inception"? If so, we're betting Slater's Buddy Bands are the totem. What do you have to say for yourself, AC?

Hey, we believe you, dude.

If it turns out Zack Morris is spinning any tops in old episodes, we're calling this confirmed.


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