Tiger Woods Scandal Better For Yahoo Than Jacko's Death (UPDATED): Carol Bartz


The AP reports on the investor meeting with Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz:

Known for her off-color commentary, Bartz told financial analysts Tuesday that the Woods story is "better than Michael Jackson dying" for helping Yahoo make money, because it is easier to sell ads against salacious content than morbid stories.

"It's kind of hard to put an ad up next to a funeral," she said.

* * * *

Tiger Woods's recent scandals may be costing him popularity points with the general public -- but not with Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz.

"God bless Tiger," Bartz told audiences at the UBS Media Conference December 8, 2009.

Bartz emphasized how terrific the golfer's scandals have been for Yahoo, as hungry users comb the site, from front-to-back, homepage to sports section, for the latest photos, videos, and gossip related to his myriad rumored lovers.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

When asked if Mr. Woods would help the Internet company make the quarter, she said, "Oh, absolutely," and added that he's fueling more visits than Michael Jackson's death.

During the investors meeting, Bartz reported that Yahoo has been serving up around 10 billion ads per day ("You can buy a Super Bowl [sized audience] every day," she said), and that the site is attracting a large share of teens and twentysomethings, who are not restricting themselves to Facebook ("They're smarter than that -- they're open to other things, occasionally").

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