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When Totchos Meet Salad, Good Things Happen (RECIPE)

Tater tots are what your salad has been missing all along.

There's a time and a place for salads, like during the hot months of summer when the thought of turning your oven on makes you sweat. Or as a side, with an epic piece of steak. Or during the month of January, when we're all still pretending we're going to keep our New Year's resolutions.

Other than that, come the colder months of the year, salads pretty much take a back seat in our daily diets. That is unless they've given us a good reason to eat them, like a totchos-related reason to eat them. That's right people, totchos salad. Let us say it again in case this overwhelming awesomness has put your brain on overdrive: Totchos. Salad. It's a real recipe, and it's everything we've ever wanted out of a salad.

If you aren't familiar with totchos, this dish is the wonderful marriage of tater tots and nachos. And now, it rests on a bed of lettuce and lets us feel just a little better about ourselves and the food choices we're making. Get the Totchos Salad recipe by Macheesmo (our new favorite food blogger to whom we will forever be indebted) because there is a time and a place for totchos too, and it's anytime, anywhere, anyway.

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