Trevor Noah To Boycotters: 'You Realize Nike Already Has Your Money, Right?'

It appears that nothing is immune from being boycotted this week.

Trevor Noah has hilariously pointed out the irony of boycotters destroying their Nike gear, questioning whether they realize that the company already has their money. 

“You’re only hurting yourself,” the Daily Show host said. “Also, I’m not going to lie, I don’t know about you but those flaming Nikes just make me want to pay even more.”

The outrage, Noah points out, is the product of an America where politics now seems to infiltrate every facet of day-to-day life .

“Politics is just like a track featuring Cardi B,” he said. “It’s everywhere you go.”

Even the moon wasn’t safe this week, with Noah weighing in on the controversy surrounding the new Neil Armstrong biopic “First Man” for not featuring the planting of the American flag on the lunar surface. 

“I don’t think that Ryan Gosling is right, I don’t think that it wasn’t an American thing,” he said. “The moon landing was very much an American thing and to be honest, as someone from the rest of the world, we don’t want credit for America’s moon landing, because I don’t know what happened up there.”

The Daily Show host then joked that “for all we know, as soon as that clip ended, they did a genocide of all the native moon people and just buried them in a mass grave somewhere on the dark side of the moon.”

Check out the full video above.