'Disturbing In So Many Ways': Conservatives Pan Trump's Coronavirus Speech

The president's big speech isn't going over well at all.

President Donald Trump’s speech about the steps he’s taking to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus received low marks on social media ― and not just from the left. Many conservatives also denounced the speech as a disaster.

On Wednesday, Trump announced a ban on noncitizens arriving from Europe, called the disease a “foreign virus” and praised himself for “early, intense action” against the infection, despite a series of missteps by his administration, including a lack of testing.

Trump also misspoke several times. He announced a ban on not just people from Europe, but goods, which was incorrect. He also said insurance companies would pay for coronavirus treatment, but an industry spokesperson told Politico the waived fees only apply to tests, not treatment.

Trump’s conservative critics slammed the speech on social media:

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