Yes, Trump Was Holding The Bible Wrong, Says Former Bible Salesman Malcolm Corden

James Corden's dad, who used to sell Christian books, compared Trump holding a Bible to a "fish on a bicycle."

It may be midweek, but President Donald Trump is getting taken to Sunday school.

Trump left people watery-eyed after posing with a Bible in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C., on Monday, mostly because he reportedly had police use tear gas to remove peaceful protesters. The strange photo shoot left many questions, including, “Has Trump ever seen a Bible before?”

In the photos and video footage, the president is seen somewhat awkwardly hoisting the holy book into the air. So on Tuesday night, James Corden wanted to find out if he was doing it right.

How not to hold a Bible.
How not to hold a Bible.

The “Late Late Show” host enlisted the help of his dad, Malcolm Corden, a former Christian book salesman. He asked what Malcolm would rate the president’s Bible-holding skills.

“He looked like a fish on a bicycle,” Malcolm said.

To help the president out, Corden’s dad put together a short tutorial on how to actually hold a Bible. Yes, apparently Trump was doing it all wrong.

See this, and be glad: