Donald Trump's Stiff Chant Of Uvalde Victims' Names At NRA Rally Curdles Critics' Blood

He ended his speech praising the National Rifle Association with his trademark "dance" step.

Former President Donald Trump’s mangled recitation of the names of the 21 Uvalde, Texas, mass shooting victims at the National Rifle Association’s convention on Friday made Twitter critics’ blood run cold.

The names of the 19 children and two teachers, broken up into hardly recognizable syllables in Trump’s stumbling pronunciation, were interspersed with the funereal sound of a gong.

Despite the tragedy, Trump hailed the NRA in his speech at its convention in Houston and ended his remarks with his trademark clenched fists and “cha-cha-cha” dance move.

He blamed the horrific bloodshed at yet another American school on “broken families” — and called efforts to curb gun violence “grotesque.”

Twitter users found the entire spectacle horrifying.

Journalist Justin Glawe called Trump’s tribute to the Uvalde victims “dystopian” and said that the gongs seemed to “signal that the republic is doomed.”

One critic said the readings sounded like some kind of ceremonial sacrifice to the NRA cult.

Many were dumbfounded by Trump’s apparent lack of preparation to read the names of the dead children and their teachers.

Others had very different ideas for Trump’s ghoulish dance at the end.

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