Trump Postpones Weekend Mar-a-Lago Trip Amid Possible Government Shutdown

The president has spent about one-third of his first year at properties that bear his name.

WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump had been scheduled to depart Washington, D.C., on Friday to visit his resort in Florida.

But White House officials told reporters early in the day that Trump would push back his weekend sojourn to Mar-a-Lago until Congress found a way to keep the government open ― avoiding what would have been poor optics for the president.

On Saturday, Trump is scheduled to host a fundraiser with the Republican National Committee to commemorate the first anniversary of his inauguration. Tickets start at $100,000 per couple, and there is a $250,000 option, according to Bloomberg.

It’s unclear if a government shutdown would change plans for the event. White House officials and Republican leaders hope the Senate will be able to pass a short-term fix, known as a continuing resolution, by Saturday. But the prospects seem uncertain.

Trump, who has pledged to champion “the forgotten men and women of America,” has spent about one-third of his first year in office at properties that bear his name, most frequently visiting Mar-a-Lago and his golf clubs in Virginia and New Jersey.

Trump went to Mar-a-Lago and his nearby golf club last weekend, including on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. His recent predecessors, Barack Obama and George W. Bush, typically commemorated the holiday by doing community service events.

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