Trump Plays It Like a Chimp


Donald Trump and a chimp have at least one thing in common - feces. All the man-child can do is to throw feces at anyone who crosses him or to whom he takes a dislike. Expect Hillary to be the near sole target of Trump feces-flinging. With limited experience and unlimited braggadocio, feces are all the real Donald Trump has to offer; it has served him well.

The Republican presidential primaries showcased Donald Trump's chimpanzee-like behavior. Even while considering the similar hair styles and ignoring the Donald's notoriously small hands, the content and behavior of the man-child are very chimpanzee-like. Trump's campaign tactics, especially his over the top grandstanding and name calling, are very similar to a chimpanzee's screeching, drawing attention to his genitals and flinging fecal matter at all who draw his contempt and ire.

From his putdown of 'low energy' Bush, to 'who could vote for that face' Fiorina, to his denigration of McCain's military service, Donald Trump most certainly flings poo at all who dare challenge or offend him. Behaving like a chimp appears to bring great rewards in the reality media world. A weak and pampered mysophobe, Donald Trump is allowed to bully, threaten and hurl what is commonly referred to as fecal matter on those below him.

For readers who may not know, a mysophobe is defined in Everyday Health as

"...The excessive fear of germs is a common anxiety disorder in America. The medical term for this phobia is mysophobia. Mysophobia may be related to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and hypochondria..."

Trump will attempt to slander the much slandered Hillary Clinton in hope of covering her with enough of Donald's imaginary poo that supporters and voters will ignore his empty suit and loser ideas. Confronted by a tough woman with incredibly strong credentials, our chimpanzee behaving Donald has few other tools or accomplishments. His refusal to release tax returns is but another example of his dedication to covering up his exaggerations and inferiority with yet more lies and nonsense.

Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan are attempting to literally shine Trump's poo. When Donald Trump attacked a strong, proven judge for his ethnic heritage, Republicans were forced to admit that yes, Donald Trump's racism is poo-flinging done to distract from what appears to be proven scams perpetrated on people who could least afford it. Amazingly, moral-acrobat Republican senior leadership from Paul Ryan on down are forced to be shiners of Trump's poo which promises to become a full-time job. Perhaps shiny poo looks attractive to Trump's true believers.

The Republican Party is poised to make this chimpanzee behaving con man their party's official candidate for president. Conservatives appear unable to summon the moral fiber to just say no. They rationalize and pontificate that even if the poo flinging Trump does become president, they will be in control of the agenda going forward because after all Speaker Ryan has been assured by the flimflam man himself that the Ryan agenda is safe. Were similar promises also Trump's message to New Jersey and Atlantic City politicians and investors when he was building his casinos there?

Remember that President Obama recognizes Donald Trump's special real estate skills which could serve well to close Guantanamo prison. "Trump knows a thing or two about running waterfront properties into the ground," President Obama joked.

We must recognize that the Republican Party is unable to redeem itself; perhaps, a natural consequence to their being unable to govern in Congress. During this presidential campaign, rational Americans need to continually point out the Donald's poo-flinging and reality-media-style grandstanding.

My advice to Hillary Clinton is to wear good rain gear similar to the crews on the fishing boats of her youth. The poo will be flying; the screeching will be loud and Donald Trump's suit will still be empty.