Trump Proclaims National Day Of Prayer, And Twitter Users Relish The Irony

"Did you spend your days praying Mueller goes away and that Giuliani shuts his face?" one person asked the president.

The gods of irony must have been looking down at the White House with pride as President Donald Trump proclaimed Thursday a National Day of Prayer ― hours after he acknowledged he’d reimbursed personal attorney Michael Cohen’s hush money to porn actress Stormy Daniels so she wouldn’t discuss their alleged affair.

Trump probably didn’t find the coincidence very funny ― he and Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor now serving as Trump’s outspoken new lawyerclaim the payment wasn’t illegal, and Trump denies he was involved with Daniels.

But many Twitter users gave the president hell. Some suggested relevant Bible verses that Trump might want to familiarize himself with.

Others suggested that the president picked a good to start praying for salvation.

Others had questions. Lots of questions.

Some believed the country was the beneficiary of divine intervention.

Some people just weren’t convinced Trump was “all in” on the National Day of Prayer.

Others imagined how the president might interact with the King of Kings.

And one explicit tweet put everything in perspective.



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