Trump Goes On The Weirdest Tangent In Rambling Fox News Call

The former president revived an old grievance with a strange new twist.

Donald Trump called into Fox News on Wednesday night, and the former president immediately launched into a rambling montage of his rally talking points from the past.

In one of the strangest moments of the interview, Trump revived his grievances against windmills, this time claiming they “kill everything.”

As president, Trump repeatedly griped about windmills, and at one point even claimed ― falsely ― that they cause cancer.

In reality, his main problem with wind turbines is that he thought an offshore wind farm would ruin the view from his golf resort in Scotland. He sued to stop it from being built, but he lost. The turbines were constructed, and Trump has held a grudge ever since.

“They’re making windmills all over the place, to ruin our land and kill our birds,” he said Wednesday. “To kill everything.”

That line just about slayed his critics on Twitter:

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