Twelve Reasons Why Joe Biden's Qualities Make Him A Perfect Choice for Vice President: An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Secretary Clinton:

I write to urge you, while you are in my hometown, Philadelphia, for the Democratic National Convention, to choose Vice President Joe Biden to be your running mate. His qualities are those that can assure your success.

I write as a very strong supporter, one who is deeply afraid of the consequences if you lose this election in these perilous and unpredictable times. You are the only candidate I trust to be commander in chief, communicate with world leaders, and safeguard our economy. Now is not the time to take chances. Now is the time for proven and experienced leadership.

You well know that the candidate one selects while alone in a voting booth is a matter of both head and heart. Your Republican opposition has pitched successfully to the fears and disorientation of the millions who have been traumatized by endless catastrophic events, compounded by the extraordinary fast paced changes in our society on every conceivable front that all are asked to cope with and adjust to.

Of all of your opposition, Donald Trump has most skillfully translated this growing fear, and its accompanying feelings of displacement and insignificance, into support. After a six-year period of studying and publishing about the impact of societal and personal burnout resulting from extraordinary change, I well understand why Trump has been so effective; and I have written in The Huffington Post and elsewhere, when his candidacy has been considered a joke, to take his appeal and strength very, very seriously.

This said, I am grateful that you are now addressing the issues of the lack of trust and likability that have hounded you for far too long. You have stopped blaming the Republican attacks (although vicious and pitching to the worst possible instincts) and the right-wing conspiracy (although the right wing has been out to destroy you and your husband's commitments throughout your public lives), and you are taking responsibility for some of your own actions and decisions that have hurt you. Now is the time when you must show the voters who your really are, what you believe in, and how deeply you care about them.

Following are Twelve Reasons why Joe Biden's proven record and demonstrated qualities can help your beliefs, competency, and caring personality to reach our public:

1. Continuity: President Obama has in many respects treated Biden like a Co-President. He has been met with regularly, consulted with constantly, and has been part of all major decisions the President has made.

2. Familiarity: Joe Biden has been completely vetted and is exceedingly well known and respected. His selection will bring no surprises that may distract from necessary issues to be faced.

3. Affection and Respect: Joe Biden has dealt with the demands of the office and his family responsibilities with depth, clear thinking, and timely consideration. His wife, Dr. Jill Biden, is respected for her personal and professional commitments as well. Our nation mourned with the Biden family when their treasured oldest son, Beau, the former attorney general of Delaware, died of brain cancer at age 46.

4. Impulse Control Challenge: To be candid, Secretary Clinton, your devotion to President Clinton is both clear and admirable. However, our charismatic and brilliant former President's lack of impulse control (when there is something he feels strongly about -- and he supports you, realizes your far reaching abilities as no one else can, and wants you to win with every fiber of his being!) was demonstrated again recently in his airport conversation with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, a meeting that did damage to both you and the Attorney General. This aspect of your husband's personality will be tempered with Biden (ever your colleague, never your rival) by your side.

5. Entitlement Challenge: I join millions who see you as one who has had to manage so very, very much, and well understand why you have made certain choices. However, far too many see you and President Clinton as viewing yourselves above the laws others must follow. Jill and Joe Biden, on the other hand, are seen as like us, struggling with the same challenges and losses, and trying to rebuild when calamity hits. This perception will help others see you this way also. For you truly are.

6. Confusion Challenge: It is so difficult for many to understand all you have gone through, sacrificed, and endured to be successful. And so, as you well know, many are confused by some personal choices and decisions (most are private - none of anyone's business!), and unable to identify with you, are therefore unable to see themselves in you. Sadly, this is translated into not liking you. With Joe Biden by your side, you will be seen as who you are, and this confusion will melt away.

7. Envy and Jealousy Challenge: Success does breed envy and jealousy of those who (understandably) wish similar attainment could be theirs. As a woman, this reaction is far more intense. Only the selfish, enraged or disturbed (or their combination) do not, in time, stop comparing their lives to others, and make peace with their realities. Once again, with Joe Biden at your side, you will be seen and appreciated as yourself. A younger, less experienced candidate, however, may compound this issue, especially in this dangerous and ugly period of time.

8. Maturity Issue: Joe Biden is also well suited to be President, which will reassure all. Yes, there are younger, appealing, marvelous candidates in the Democratic Party. Their time will come, and they can continue to serve, be recognized, and advance in other ways.

9. "What If?" and Too Horrible to Discuss: Joe Biden will not be learning on the job. He knows what a President faces. He knows the issues and the players. In these uncivilized, highly unpredictable times, if ever necessary, he could lead our country.

10. Timing: I do not have to tell you the importance of timing. I was a page at the Democratic Convention when President Kennedy received the nomination. One of the joys of my life occurred when the National Committee Woman of Maryland (where I was born), Dr. Mildred Otenasek, introduced me to then Senator Kennedy (who later directed me to the graduate school experience that has led to my professional life). I watched with the Maryland delegation as Kennedy chose Johnson, a former rival, to be his running mate. In much the same way, President Obama chose you as Secretary of State - for all you could bring and contribute. For parallel reasons the dire challenges of today make Joe Biden your wisest, most trusted choice.

11. Patriotism: Joe Biden and his family members are true patriots devotedly committed to serving our country. Prior to being stricken, Beau was getting ready to be deployed to Iraq. No candidate the Republicans select can match these years of individual and family service and devotion. The Biden family's demonstrated patriotism will strengthen your ticket enormously. (A rival's attempt to ridicule or demean Joe Biden or his family will lead to horrific backlash.) If you tell him why you and America need his continued service, he will join you.

12. Your Experience and Ability: One of the strongest reasons you must be elected is how extremely well suited you are (at this threatening and unsettling moment) for the job. You well know that continuing to demonstrate this to the American public is your surest ticket to success, a success vital for the well being of our country and beyond. But for this to happen Americans must also see your warmth, your caring, your determination to make their lives better. Joe Biden is the diamond sparkling brightly in your backyard, Secretary Clinton. With his qualities beside you, your extraordinary and timely attributes will be highlighted. You will win, and so will America.