WATCH: Find Out How a Podcast Turned this Man into a Better Man

Alf Herigstad is one good man! For that reason, he started a podcast and blog... Being A Better Man; to help others to be better, too! Alf owes the man he is to his father, who he says is the 'best example of manhood.' Alf grew up in Olympia, Washington and still lives there, with his beautiful wife and 'queen of his castle' Lulie. The 2 met on a Norwegian Reality TV show and fell in love. Interesting enough? Not even close. Alf was a boxer and also in the military where all of his children followed in his path. He has 3 kids and 8 grandchildren. He enjoys life on his hometown farm with his big, loving family. They have tons of animals, he enjoys building things, looking for gold, singing and writing.

Alf is also a truck driver and sometimes his wife takes the journey with him. She suggested they listen to a podcast. He had no idea what that was... but does now! He thought if other people can talk and others would listen, he might as well talk and teach people what he knows. He has learned a lot in his life and believes everyone should work to be better today than they were yesterday, and better tomorrow than they are today! Alf wants to teach the world to be 'A Better Man.'

This motivating video was shot and edited by Max Magerkurth. To see more like it, visit our HooplaHa YouTube page.