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We Are All on This Planet for One Reason and One Reason Only

The one and only reason we are on the planet is this:. We are here to learn to love ourselves, each other, the planet itself, and all living beings. Every day we are put in situations that give us the opportunity to do just that.
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The one and only reason we are on the planet is this: to learn to love. We are here to learn to love ourselves, each other, the planet itself, and all living beings. Every day we are put in situations that give us the opportunity to do just that.

We are constantly presented with experiences where we need to exhibit compassion. This may be in the form of an abused dog that a person is called to rescue, or the creation of a new campaign to provide clean water to areas of Africa because there is a need. To learn to love is the answer to every question of why something has happened. It encompasses every challenge we face as the human race. So whenever we see something that tugs at our hearts, we must know that that moment is offering us a grand opportunity to express love in some form.
We benefit in three fundamental ways by knowing that the human experience is all about love:

1) We Get to Know Ourselves

An integral part of the individual journey is to gain self-awareness. When we take a step back and reflect on the events of the day and the role we played in them, we begin to understand ourselves better. However, when we look at the various aspects of our lives and observe our part, we must do this from a place of love, not self-hate, or anger, or fear. We must be kind to ourselves, because showing kindness to yourself is the only way to improve. When we know better, we will do better, and that is how we are taught to love who we are becoming throughout our journey.

2) We Recognize Our Oneness

On the deepest level is our connection to all living things. When we dwell in love, we can feel this deep connection. Therefore, we can feel that what we do to another living being, we do to ourselves. This sense of oneness with humanity, nature, and animals compels us to want that which is for the highest good of all. Those individuals who are tapped in to the energy that flows through all living things are the ones that can, do, and will continue to create a loving existence on the planet.

3) We Serve

Every interaction we have is a gift of love. We naturally perform acts of love all day long -- smiling and saying hello to one another, lending a helping hand, and so on -- but we do not realize the impact that these small gestures have on those with whom we are interacting and on humanity as a whole. When we radiate positive, loving energy, we pass it along to others, and they pass it along, and on, and on. Since we are all connected, what we do for one, we do for all. So whenever you don't think you're making a difference in this world, think again... each small act of kindness creates a shift and a transformation that resounds in a ripple effect, raising the vibration of the entire planet and every being on it.

That's pretty huge, I'd say!

Life is chock full of avenues that allow us to fulfill our purpose for being alive. Every minute of every day we can find ways to learn to love. How great of a life purpose is that? We are here, together, now, to learn to love... enjoy your day.


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