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This step isn't about beating yourself up for what isn't going well. It is all about growing your awareness; listening to
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What if each of us stood up and became accountable for our part in spreading more love in the world? What might change if
If your inner voice is pleading for you to make a move and you still aren't budging, here is your opening to trust yourself
When we step outside of the incessant need to be heard, the voices urging us to be bolder, brighter and better begin to fade
It isn't easy to loosen the grip on the controls of life. Couple that, with having a real honest look at yourself, and life can very quickly become unsettled. Yet underneath this uneasiness often sits a whole new layer filled with possibility and excitement just waiting to be unveiled.
Here are a few of my favorite practices that help me let go of my measuring stick and embrace who I am. If they resonate with where you are on your journey, give them a try.
I am so excited and honored to share that my book, 'Fall in Love With Your Life, One Week at a Time' won a bronze medal in
These 21 spirit lifters, are practices I go to when I need some extra help to get back on track to living on my highest path. If any feel right for you, give them a try.
Accept others before you as a gift on your journey and process the lessons they provide you in your own way. Remember we are all here to learn and to teach, but none of us needs to be fixed.