We Live in an Age of Entrepreneurship and Imagination

Yesterday we had another great Google for Entrepreneurs Hangout -- this time on the topic of 'How to thrive and create joy at work.' We were lucky to have the wonderful Arianna Huffington and Rich Sheridan sharing their experiences with moderator Guy Kawasaki, and answering questions from entrepreneurs from the Branson Centres, Virgin Start Up and Virgin Media Pioneers.

The conversation was rich and insightful. The power of meditation and sleep, the importance of making mistakes, why employees' wellbeing is good for the bottom line, how stories build culture, managing fear, the business value of joy...

But what was most exciting for me was the shared belief in the power of business beyond the four walls of the workplace. There was a very strong sense of hope and passion for the positive change that entrepreneurs can create -- for people and planet. As Arianna said, "The way we've been doing success hasn't worked and we're paying a very, very heavy price. I love to see what the next generation of entrepreneurs is going to do differently."

As Rich remembered from his Boy Scout days, "When we went camping, we were all taught that we should leave the campsite better than we found it. Our campsite is planet earth and I want to leave it a little better than I found it."

Supporting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial approaches to big challenges is at the heart of what we do here at Unite and we have the privilege of meeting inspiring entrepreneurs around the world every day. We have work to do to make the world a better place for all, but entrepreneurs' energy and ideas are a vital force in getting us there. As Rich beautifully put it:

"We live in an age of entrepreneurship and imagination. It's a fascinating time to be alive ... I encourage all of you to learn lessons from the past, but don't be constrained by them. You can take your companies and ideas in any direction you choose. You can make the business you can be proud of."

Let's innovate and imagine together -- and leave things better than we found them.

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