Week to Week News Quiz for 10/9/15

Find out who takes the prize by testing your current affairs skills with our latest Week to Week news quiz.

Here are some random but real hints: They succeeded where Egypt failed; he can blame Benghazi; maybe the missiles were a loan; and maybe he thought he was being helpful. Answers are below the quiz.

1. Who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday?
a. German Chancellor Angela Merkel
b. Pope Francis
c. Dr. Ben Carson
d. The Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet

2. Under pressure of new laws, San Francisco's last what just closed?
a. Gun store
b. Marijuana mall
c. Bookstore
d. Church

3. Jack Dorsey is returning as CEO of the company he cofounded. What company is it?
a. Tesla
b. Lehman Brothers
c. Twitter
d. General Mills

4. What initiative of President Obama's did Hillary Clinton announce this week that she opposed?
a. Closing Guantanamo Bay
b. The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal
c. Resuming diplomatic relations with Cuba
d. Threatening to attack Russian troops in Syria

5. Who quit the race for House speaker Thursday morning?
a. Rep. Paul Ryan
b. Rep. Kevin McCarthy
c. Rep. John Boehner
d. Rep. Nancy Pelosi

6. Four Russian cruise missiles fired at Syrian rebels instead landed where?
a. Turkey
b. Israel
c. Iran
d. Poland

7. What did Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson say he did when someone pointed a gun at him during a visit to a Popeye's restaurant?
a. He pulled out his own gun and forced the gunman to give up
b. Several other customers joined him and wrestled the gunman to the ground and disarmed him
c. He fought with the gunman, receiving a gunshot wound to his left arm but successfully forcing the man to flee
d. He told the gunman "I believe that you want the guy behind the counter"

8. This week, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced her plan to do what?
a. Rein in Wall Street
b. Build an oil pipeline from Canada to Texas
c. Impose a special windfall profits tax on energy companies
d. Ease tough rules on personal bankruptcies

9. What happened on Thursday to the U.S. airman, Spencer Stone, who was stabbed while helping thwart an attack on a European train in August?
a. He was made an honorary member of the French parliament
b. He has joined a frontline brigade taking on ISIS in Syria
c. He was stabbed again, this time in a street fight in Sacramento, California
d. He was found guilty of shooting an unarmed civilian in Denmark

10. This week, we learned Earth is not the only planet with a blue sky. What other planet can claim that distinction?
a. Pluto
b. Jupiter
c. Mars
d. Neptune

BONUS. According to a new study, what will happen to one-third of Chinese men?
a. They will serve in the military
b. They will die from smoking
c. They will be unable to find a spouse
d. They will become millionaires

1. d.
2. a.
3. c.
4. b.
5. b.
6. c.
7. d.
8. a.
9. c.
10. a.

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Explanations of the hints: They succeeded where Egypt failed: the Nobel recognizes the Tunisian activists' success in establishing the first Arab Spring-fueled democracy; he can blame Benghazi: Kevin McCarthy, who got into some hot water with his comments about the Benghazi controversy, dropped out--albeit reportedly for other reasons; maybe the missiles were a loan: Russia and Iran are allied in the fight against Islamic State; and maybe he thought he was being helpful: Carson said he'd tell the gunman to go after the cashier instead.